Ali Scott


As a child I drew obsessively and painted with a passion. After Art College in the late seventies, I made my home in Wales where at last, I felt a sense of belonging.

For many years I facilitated art in a variety of therapeutic settings, working with groups and individuals. Alongside my work, I continued to explore my own creative process and enjoyed painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles and sculpture. Then I discovered felt making.

The ancient art of felt making has become an abiding passion and making it is a very sensory experience. This transformative process has an alchemical quality about it that is both primal and contemporary.


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Working with fleece and fibre can give unpredictable outcomes which helps to keep the work 'alive'. I love to 'paint' with the 'wool tops', building up layers of fibres to create a rich depth of jewel like colours. Adding animal and plant fibres, fabrics and spun wool gives definition and enhances the surface texture of a piece.

It can take many hours to 'lay out' a design. When I am satisfied with the result, the 'wet-felting' begins. A little soap and warm water is added, pressure is applied through rubbing and rolling and the transformation begins! As the fibres mat together, the resulting fabric is worked vigorously to strengthen and shrink it.

'Making' is a way of life for me and is deeply enriching. My work is informed by what I see and I am inspired by the rich and diverse landscape of Wales, the changing seasons, the animals that abound here and the traditional dwellings that can still be found, nestled in the hills. I have a particular fascination with trees that has endured since childhood. I often repeat a theme, reworking it until I feel I have achieved the desired outcome.

Creating my pictures is a real joy and it gives me much delight and satisfaction to work in this medium.

I hope a certain Spirit of place is reflected in my work.

Please enjoy browsing my galleries.